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Nourish your body, and fuel your passion with Healthy Obsession Meals, freshly prepared meals for you.

About Us

At Healthy Obsession Meals, we are on a mission to revolutionize the way you approach nutrition. We understand the importance of a healthy diet in achieving overall well-being and unlocking your full potential.

With our passion for nutrition and dedication to quality, we offer a convenient solution to those who strive for optimal health but are short on time. Our team of expert chefs and nutritionists carefully craft delicious, balanced, and nutrient-rich meals that are designed to fuel your body and support your goals. We believe that healthy eating should never be boring or monotonous.

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Subscription Services

Level 1

Get 12 delicious Pre-cooked healthy meals Per Week!
$ 400
  • 12 Meals Per Week

Level 2

Get 15 delicious Pre-cooked healthy Meals Per Week!
$ 475
  • 15 Meals Per Week

Level 3

Get 21 delicious Pre-cooked healthy Meals Per Week!
$ 650
  • 21 Meals Per Week

Healthy Obsession Meals Catering Services

Nourish Your Group with Convenience and Health

Healthy Obsession Meals offers catering solutions that prioritize convenience, affordability, and nutrition. Perfect for any group event – from team meetings and clubs to family gatherings. Our menu is carefully crafted to satisfy both taste and health requirements.

Our Catering Menu

Explore our diverse and delicious catering options:

  • Shredded Chicken Alfredo – Creamy Alfredo sauce over tender chicken and pasta.
  • Shreddy Spaghetti – Your choice of beef or turkey with spaghetti in a savory sauce.
  • Ground Beef Ziti – Flavorful ground beef mixed with ziti, available with or without cheese.
  • Italian Chicken Spaghetti – A perfect blend of chicken and spaghetti in Italian sauce.
  • Mexican Bowls – A delightful mix of fresh ingredients with Mexican flair.

Serving Styles

  • Pre-Portioned Meals: Ideal for individual servings and dietary management.
  • Pans for Self-Serve: Great for communal eating and larger gatherings.


  • Served in Pans: Enjoy a shared dining experience at $7.25 per person.
  • Meal Prep Containers: Opt for convenience at $7.75 per person.

Important Note on Ordering

Catering services must be arranged directly through a phone call and are not available through our online menu.

📞 For Catering Inquiries, Call Us at 606-261-7021

Contact us to discuss your needs and let us help you make your event a healthy, delicious success with Healthy Obsession Meals.